Psoriatic arthritis

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Hi everyone!

Wee bit of backstory lol formally diagnosed in December last year after being on a waiting list for two years to see Rheumatologist. Given Methotrexate which gave me some nausea for the first few weeks but eased off, psoriasis was clearing up and I was starting to notice a bit of a difference in my joints. Had a routine inflammation markers blood test done and they were at 83 so doc decided to take me off the methotrexate and move Sulphasalazine. Have never felt so sick in my life as I did on that medication. Constant nausea, unable to sleep, sweating, shaking and just no energy. Had to stop taking it and joint pain and psoriasis has come back with a vengeance. Have phoned my rheumatologist secretary twice and keep being told I'm on a waiting list for a telephone appointment and to ring the rheumatologist nurses but they never call me back. Can't even be prescribed anti-inflammatory meds and was told to just buy over the counter ones that don't even touch the sides 😔

Sorry to rant but just feeling very deflated and in pain.