Infliximab (Remicade)


looks like I’m going onto Infliximab infusions after many failed meds, has anyone got any dealings with it?

I can’t find much about it, Rheumy nurse said it’s one of the first drugs they used to use but rarely use it anymore. They’re struggling with what to give me as I’ve had instant side effects to pretty all injectables over the past 18 months since becoming allergic after 3 years to one that actually worked.

Feels like it’s all coming to an end if this one is a no go, not a great time 😭.


  • noddingtonpete
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    Hi @silverfoxxxx have a look through the following search results Infliximab

    Hope you find some answers


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  • MrDJ
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    Ive been on infliximab for 15 years and then transfered to the cheaper bio similar remsima for the past 7 years. also on 20mg methotrexate. as far as i can tell ive had no side effects. with the original i felt drained that afternoon then seemed to get a boost of energy the next day. with the cheaper bio similar i feel no affect with no boost the next day but my bloods are still under 10 so within range so must still be working.

    For me my docs were amazed but not as much as me. i walked in on crutches with my activity blood markers of esr 122 and crp 97.

    i walked out 3 hours later without crutches and blood markers of 10 and 7. sounds great but sadly my damage was already done from when i was diagnosed in 1985.

    Hope it works for you @silverfoxxxx and you get some releaf without any side affects.

  • silverfoxxxx
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    Wow that’s amazing results and similar to results I had on amgevita pre becoming allergic to it. Fingers crossed I have the same impact on this new one.