OA of the Knees. Useful Traction Therapy.

I have been diagnosed with OA in both knees and get a lot of pain if I walk any distance. I'm 65. On the upside, I am able to swim comfortably and practice Tai Chi for general strength and fitness.

I have discovered that the Traction Therapy, I found online, is very helpful. You sit on the edge of a table with 10lb ankle weights on each leg. Just dangle the legs and swing them Very Gently. It only takes 6 minutes and not only gives me instant relief from the knee pain, but the relief lasts for hours after getting down.

Just thought I'd share. I'd love to hear want you found helpful?



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    HI @MalcolmD that sounds really useful. Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks @MalcolmD,

    I do a variation of this for my knees at my local gym, it's part of a daily physio and exercise regime I follow.

    One exercise I do which has really helped with my hamstrings and cruciate ligaments is a simple stretch.

    I prop one leg out straight in front of me on the 3rd stair up at home, then bend over and slowly stick my bottom out, holding for about 20 seconds. Rotating my leg stretches different tendons, point my toes towards my head and lifting my head up to stare at the ceiling adds 2 more levels of stretching to this exercise. I repeat this x4. Combined with a deep tissue massaging gun it really helps to reduce stiffness, locks and maintain suppleness for both my knackered knees.

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    Helpful and useful. Could I add that for anyone like me who can't actually reach their ankles to put the weights rounď, I use weights, in an old pair of oven gloves for my straight leg raises. I just fling them round my ankles or, indeed, wrap them under my knees and let them drop down.. No velcro needed. I started with a can of tuna in each end and graduated to a can of soup😊

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