Best beds for arthritic hips

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Can anyone recommend the best sort of bed to ease the pain of a very arthritic hip when sleeping?


  • frogmorton
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    I think because we are all so different it would be hard to name an actual bed which will suit you @JPW but I can say the following for sure.

    Definitely get one at the right height for you to get easily in and out of. Not too low that it's hard to get up out of nor so hight you need to climb up into it.

    Some bed superstores offer a service to help with the best kind of mattress I think.

    I am starting to think about an adjustable bed but they are certainly not cheap.

    Good luck!

    Toni x

  • RogerBill
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    I agree with @frogmorton and would add that for me, firmer beds seem to cause more trouble. The trouble with beds is that you can never really tell whether it's going to suit you until you've spent a few nights in it. At home I've a medium soft but supportive mattress. It must be about 12 years old but still very good, it's a Somnus which was expensive. On holiday I've found beds that are just a little firmer are troublesome for my hips. Never used to have this problem in my younger days when I worked away from home a lot😊

  • jamieA
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    Hi @JPW

    I don't have a hip issue but I've got bulging discs in my upper and lower back. I bought an orthopedic mattress a couple of years ago from one of the brand leaders. I bought it as a firm support but added a softer mattress topper and find it very good. I'd agree with @frogmorton about ensuring it had a good height to it to ease getting in and out of bed.

    I was also really shocked at the price of a good mattress - one high street store I visited had prices starting at a good four figures ! I then found out that mattress makers produce new styles very regularly and there are clearing companies online who sell brand names last years model at knock down prices - so I bought one from there at almost a third of the cost.

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