Good and bad days

Good days and bad days. Yesterday my pain from wide spread arthritis and Spondylolisthesis of the spine,was around 3/10. Had a bad night, not much sleep and this morning I woke up with 10/10 pain and lots of anxiety. I never over did it yesterday, I have good days and bad days whatever I do. Anyone else have this problem. Taken pain meds and had a couple of cups of tea, now down to 5/10, so not a flare up, just a funny couple of hours. Xxx


  • jonr
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    I think it's par for the course with this condition @Jan1955 and often there's absolutely no good reason for it that I can think of.

    I've got myself into a position where my pain management is really effective and my pain is little more than background, say 1 or a 2 at most and my quality of life has improved enormously despite needing both knees replaced. Nonetheless, on holiday recently whilst out walking around the town me and my Partner were staying in, I suddenly experienced such intense pain in my groin I couldn't move, she had to help me to a bench to rest. I managed to stagger to a cafe for a coffee with clenched teeth, 15 minutes later the pain was totally gone without a trace and we were able to continue with our walk. Go figure!