No inflammation showing PsA


I saw Rheumatologist today who used ultrasound on my hands, wrists and elbows. He could not see any signs of inflammation so said my psoriatic arthritis was not active. I am in so much pain with lots of my joints, can’t bend down, range of movement is terrible. He getting GP to refer me to pain clinic. I am so upset. In so much pain but no inflammation, I don’t get it!!! Anyone else had this with PsA??

thank you in advance


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    My view (i have RA and OA) is that, if you were some time getting your PsA under control your pain could be from OA. Quite a few of us have both. In my early years of RA there were no modern DMARDS on offer so the OA set in. Rheumatologists don't normally deal with OA so I'd speak to your GP on ways to manage the pain. Actually, referral to a Pain Clinic would be a good start. I hope they can help.

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  • Thank you so much for your reply stickywicket.