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Hi I am new here and am not use to using a forum so sorry if I am in the wrong place

I was looking for advice on how to best deal with exhaustion.

I am feeling ill with it. Constantly feeling like I cant even walk to the next room.

I have never known anything like it.

My other symptoms I can kind of deal with but this no Its awful

Any advice appreciated


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    Hi @bridekirk I have moved your posts in "Living with arthritis" so you will get more responses. In the meantime thought I'd share this info about Managing fatigue | Causes, self-help, support (versusarthritis.org).

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    If it is fatigue, I find that fatigue affect me mentally. I find its worth keeping an eye out for unusual mood, in my case it would be increased anxiety, just as an indicator that I am becoming seriously whacked out, and need to take it easy. I think there is too much tendency to live with fatigue and then it gets worse.