lost voice.....


Thought that I'll ask the community for their collective wisdom as phoning the advice line is a bit difficult at the moment!

Today I have almost lost my voice. I had a very runny nose on Friday, and felt very congested and sorry for myself all of Saturday (did then take some decongestant on Saturday evening and on Sunday). Was feeling a bit better yesterday and today. I also have what I think is best described as reverse motion sickness (I have been on a canal boat Friday - Monday but we were on canals so not overly choppy!).

I normally take my methotrexate on Wednesday so I'm guessing that unless I feel loads better (and have my voice back!) tomorrow and Wednesday then it would be sensible to miss my dose this week or is it best to seek advice from a pharmacist?


  • frogmorton
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    Are you struggling to get through to the rheumatology helpline? I'd still leave a message for them to get back to you. They might just reply in time.

    If in doubt you can always speak to a pharmacist or your GP or even 111 if all else fails.

    I hope that you are actually feeling a lot better too today.

    Toni x