Any positive NSAID experiences for severe pain relief/stiffness?


I got psoriatic arthritis when I was 27. Unless I take NSAIDs I just sit around, too stiff and painful to move much. I’ve mainly used ibruprofen and voltaten slow release tablets (*at different times), but both of these medicines tend to do a number on my stomach 😂😭, like IBS x 1000, it’s crazy.

I was just wondering if anyone’s tried any other NSAIDs that they felt were less troublesome for ppl with sensitive stomachs? Has anyone tried naproxen and was it any less harsh than ibruprofen or voltaten ?

I don’t wanna go on opioids, so only looking at NSAIDs for the moment. Thanks so much


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    hi @Prettymonmon

    Welcome to the online community,good to see you asking questions

    you write that although having psoriatic arthritis for 27 years and you take NSAIDs to stop you getting stiff and painful,but it gives you stomach problems and you ask if anyone has an alternative to ibruprofen and has anyone tried Naproxin.

    Above is a link that may help,please tell us how you get on and do go onto our forums and chat to others they may have advice aswell.

    take care and all the best Christine

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    Hi and welcome,

    You write of NSAIDS and opioids but not DMARDS. These are what you need for PsA to restrain the disease. Presumably the NSAIDS are in addition but they can all bè tough on the stomach and many people can't / shouldnt use them for various reasons. Ask your rheumatologist for advice.

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    Ive been on Froben 100mg twice a day since 1985 and no side affects for me anyway but everyone is different.

    no idea if this NSAID is any good with psa which i have but i also have oa, ra and anky spon and this anti inflamatory has helped so much for so many years.

    hope the link doesnt get removed due to advertising.

    [I haven't removed your link @MrDJ I can see it's been done to genuinely help someone.

    but I am adding this information by NICE which suggest that in some people Froben can unfortunately cause some issues for those with sensitive stomachs like @Prettymonmon I'm very glad it's helping you though.

    Ellen Moderator ]

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    If you have time do read this article the section on Nsaids

    In it it mentions the newer Cox2 inhibitors which are supposed to be gentler on the stomach.

    Also your GP can prescribe a proton pump inhibitor such as lansoprazole/omeprazole to protect your stomach.

    Best wishes


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    I can't take normal NSAIDs either they give me the two-bob -bits really badly!

    I take 30mg of lansoprazole every morning to protect my stomach and was prescribed Arcoxia a Cox 2 myself. It's ok but I do avoid taking them daily even so.

    I would also ask my rheumatologist's opinion about long term use in your shoes @Prettymonmon I have to agree with Stickwicket.

    Best of luck

    Toni x

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    Thanks @Ellen for the extra nice link. i did read that but didnt want to post too many links :)

    TBH i think every drug in this line comes with some stomach warnings.

    the only other two drugs that worked for me was co proxamol and voltarol slow release but both of these were removed from the market i believe due to patients reactions in America many moons ago.

    I also tried many cox2 but none suited me and i had massive flare ups so we returned to what we know worked, for me anyway.

    Not heard of proton pumps so will have a read up on them.