Hi all, any suggestions regarding the best way to manage anaemia? I am, according to my consultant 'just about anaemic'. I currently take Spatone (2 sachets daily) but looking to take something else. A friend suggested beetroot juice. The only other thing I can think to do is try Floradix (which I used during my pregnancies). I eat a healthy balanced diet so need something to top up on what I'm eating. Many thanks! X


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    Hi @Chip_peeps71

    Did your consultant say which type of anaemia you have? I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia - which was a lack of vitamin B12 and then diagnosed with a lack of B9 and D3. It was eventually discovered that it was because of me still being prescribed the PPI Omeprazole. Apparently the PPI puts a lining of protection on your stomach wall to protect it from the harmful side effects of NSAIDs. Unfortunately it can also stop vitamins being absorbed. I was already taking B9 (folic acid) 6 days a week as part of my methotrexate regime so I was put on B12 and D3 supplements and the omeprazole was stopped - it had been continued in error for 7 months after I'd stopped NSAIDs - and my blood tests eventually reverted to normal readings.

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    I wouldn't dream of self-management here. I've had mild anaemia more than once and, according to my, then, rheumatologist, both RA and the meds we take for it can cause it. But so can other things. My GP always checked me out for a bleed somewhere. Fortunately, a short course of iron pills always sorted it but better safe than sorry.

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    HI. You aren’t alone. I’ve been on a shed load of tablets to try to rectify my low iron. Had other investigations to see what might be causing it. I have had various tests, and they showed up I had a gut infection called H Pylori. Had antibiotics to clear it.

    my iron is still low, so they are monitoring it. My next b/t is at the end of September,

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    Hi @Chip_peeps71

    I'm surprised your consultant didn't prescribe you some meds such as iron tablets. I'd suggest speaking to your GP and finding out what's caused the anaemia and getting the right source of meds for you.

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