Lifestyle changes when starting Biologics

Hi All,

So after having some bad side effects with Hydroxychloroquine and Methotrexate, they are now reviewing my case, and I will likely start biologics (ETANERCEPT) in the next four weeks.

For those of you on biologics, what lifestyle changes have you had to put in place due to being on biologics?

I know I'll need to give up Sushi (which I love and used to have weekly) and homemade mayo (with raw egg), which I'd already given up due to the Methotrexate. I was just wondering what other changes others have had to implement.



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    Hi @Asnina

    I've been on a different anti TNF alpha biologic - adalimumab - for two years. I'm also still on sulfasalazine and MTX. Regarding things to eat - I don't eat pate, soft cheeses, blue cheese and anything unpasturised. It's not recommended to eat raw or undercooked meat or eggs either. I'm careful about personal cleanliness - particularly my hands and carry hand sanitiser with me. I have a dog so I'm aware of the need to be careful in all dealings with the dog - including tick, flea and worming medications. I wear compression gloves as my finger and wrist joints are affected and so I keep about 5-6 pairs and change them very regularly. I avoid crowds or being in confined spaces with other people as I'm aware my immune system is compromised by the MTX and adalimumab. I book blood tests every 3 months.

    I hope your new medication works for you.

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    have you tried vegan mayo? A certain well-known brand makes one that tastes exactly the same as the normal one and obviously has no eggs at all in it.

    Worth a try maybe?

    Toni x

    PS good luck on the new meds🤞