Gout Spike!

I'm just 60 this year. I've had years of previously undiagnosed flare ups around knee, ankle and feet. (Hot, red, painful, debilitating - you know).

Pain turns to sore - then disappears as if nothing ever happened - back to golf, walking, swimming.

Earlier this year I got to see consultant rheumatologist and he diagnosed gout and I started on 100 mils of Allopurinol and 2 x 20mg of Colcichine in Feb. Got to say there has been no significant flare ups since (until now!)

After a recent blood test I was told that Uric Acid was still a little too high and (despite not having any flare up) I might switch up to 200 mil of Allopurinol and 1 x Colcichine - 2 weeks ago.

(I've been doing a lot of 'other than muscular' pain-free walking in last couple of months in prep for a charity 60km walk I completed last Saturday. Other than blisters and natural fatigue I felt great by Monday. Monday evening/night pain in Knee at patella tendon. Tuesday limping, today (Wednesday) agony bending my knee and then straightening it.

I don't believe it's the walk - it's the gout!

Does anyone believe a higher dose of Allo will have brough this about?

Should I have a couple of days of Naproxen?

I know I should (try) to speak to the doc(s).


  • stickywicket
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    If you can't get to see a doc ask your local pharmacist. They're very good.

    (But my money's on the gout not the allopurinol😉)

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