Hi, just wondering if anyone has any information about the efficacy of turmeric and black pepper and who are the best suppliers in the uk



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    Hello @Lizzylid and welcome to the Community We are a friendly and supportive group and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you are looking for information about turmeric and black pepper. Have a look at the following link from our website.


    As with all supplements and complimentary treatments some may work for some people but not for others so please bear that in mind when trying other people's recommendations.

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    Turmeric has certainly made a difference for me and for my husband’s osteoarthritis. Much less pain & therefore more flexibility. We buy online as it’s cheaper.

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    I have bought tumeric massage oil . Sceptical at first, but the reviews were good. Helps with should pain and back. More difficult bucause I can't reach my ankles where the worst pain is. Never taken it internally although know people who swear by it. I'd certainly like to know whether, and how, people take it internally.

    I also use tigerbalm which is for muscular aches and pains. But not both at the snae time! That would be a smell sensation!

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    I've been using Turmeric for a while now and it does seem to help. Rarely use Ibuprofen now. Get mine from British Supplements. Do some research on dosage etc. From what I found high street shops selling Turmeric probably aren't going to be your best bet.

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    Sorry to interrupt your thread, but just wanted to say hi to new member @NGW, who has just posted for the first time.

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    Hi @Lizzylid,

    I research all supplements as thoroughly as possible before deciding whether to take them or not, Turmeric was one of these. Its interesting that it is actually Curcumin which is the part of Turmeric which has proven anti-inflammatory results so if you're researching a brand or blend, it's probably wise to look at a preparation which has a high percentage of Curcumin in it. Reason is that Turmeric has a sub-10% level.

    This recent article is a good read: