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Hi, I am new to the group and just wanted to say hi. After struggling with lower limb pain for a few years and GP prescribing pain killers and physio I have finally had x-rays and MRI and have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis. I remain quite active but activity has reduced over recent years and definitely in the last 5 months. I do what I can and I’ve started to ask for help with the things I’ve struggled with. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference: like being loaned a raised toilet seat. I can now pee in relative comfort without risking pulling a radiator off the wall. I do hobble about at the moment without a stick and it’s in my mind to get one. What would people recommend? Would you simply purchase or ask physio?

looking forward to your suggestions x


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    Hi @NanaA

    Welcome to the online community,great you have found us and are posting

    You Write that you have just been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and you struggle with various activitys and would like advice on a walking stick and wether to just buy one or go to physio.

    Have you been offered any physio at all? if not it would be good to contact physio for a stick as they measure the right length and what type you will need to help you walk about.

    Here are a few links that may help you

    Hope you find the links useful please let us know how you are getting on and do go to our forums to chat to others it often he

    All the best and take care Christine

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    Hello @NanaA

    Lovely to meet you.

    Yes get a stick I really would. It will keep you on your feet which is so much better for your health.

    You can certainly buy one yourself, but if you could see a professional they would adjust it to the exact right type and height for you. I see so many people walking with sticks near their ears not mid hip where they are supposed to be!

    Also they would be able to tell you how to use it correctly and safely.

    It might be that you need two sticks or a walking frame.

    Best of luck

    Toni x

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    Thank you both for your kind help. I have a physio appointment next week so will ask then. I am booked for a total knee replacement on 5/11 so I’m sure I will need a walking aid of some kind then anyway.

    thanks again x