My pain

I have rhemotoid arthritis and the one in my knee how do people get on living day to day I'm struggling with everything


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    Hi @Tracy090876

    Welcome to the online community,so glad you have contacted us.

    You write that you have Rhumatoid Arthritis and arthritis of the knee aswell, and you want to know how others get on livivng day by day.

    you dont say how long you have had arthritis,it would be good if you could tell us your arthritis journey so we can help you a bit better.I think everyone struggles with arthritis what ever sort they have at times,but you know this is where the forums are a great help as people chat and share and have empathy with what you are going through.

    So please go onto our forums and chat to others it often helps.

    here are a few links that may help you.Please let us know how you get on.

    All the best Christine

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    I found a large part of the week becomes about nursing my aches and pains, and another large part becomes about how to carry on with everyday life. Today I was testing out my bicycle. I found I can scoot along for the first time, but also finally worked out if the physio can get my right knee working, I might be in with a good chance of riding the bicycle properly. Its taken a while to work out and I'm still not there yet but I think its going to happen.

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    What medication are you on? Once that's sorted most of the pain should go