As seasons change the joints ache

Navigating the labyrinth of invisible pain,

Arthritis weaves its presence, a relentless chain.

Ankles once whole, now bear the scars,

Broken paths, altered gait, and weighty bars.

A dance with discomfort, both day and night,

Every step, a reminder of the fight.

Invisible battles etched on bones and skin,

Struggling to find peace in the chaos within.

Yet within the struggle, resilience takes root,

With every challenge faced, strength takes its route.

Though hidden from view, the impact is real,

Invisible warriors rise, never to yield or kneel.


  • Ellen
    Ellen Moderator Posts: 1,485


    That's a really really good poem @Macdee73

    Thank you for that.


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  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,023

    Brilliant poem @Macdee73 👏

    Wet cold weather definitely causes some of us a lot of extra pain and trouble.

    Thank you


  • Debbie516
    Debbie516 Member Posts: 3

    Hello @Macdee73 👋

    What a lovely poem, and so accurate too. It portrays the struggles we all face and the strength we have gained through our fight. Very well written.Thank you.


  • Macdee73
    Macdee73 Member Posts: 49

    Thank you @Debbie516 @frogmorton and @Ellen. My ankles are a bit achy these days because of the weather. I realized that these days nomatter how much pain I am in, I have mastered the art of surviving through it with no one noticing it. We fight silent battles everyday and we can't even explain it to the people who surround us.

    Thank you all for your support 🙏 to each and everyone of us here on the platform.

  • Airwave!
    Airwave! Member Posts: 2,456