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Good Morning. I’m 6 weeks Post TKR at the moment. A dear friend for birthday bought a while ago tickets for us to see ABBA Vogage. There has been a change in the coach trip time now it’s 3 hours. We have the back seats. Arrive at 6 performance is 7:30 to 9 and we are seated. It looks like there is plenty of eating drinking areas but I’m not sure whether it has much seating. Then coach home then car journey 20 mins to my home. She has said that she will not be offended if I feel it is too much. I am torn. I want to go but at the same time part of me is saying you’re doing well but will it push me back. I can walk in the house without crutch. Outside with one. I can walk to at to a shop and have a small walk round. Am I mad even thinking about it. I feel I need an unbiased opinion.

Thanks Fi


  • frogmorton
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    Oh gosh @Gran28

    The last thing you want is to go and be in agony spoiling it for your friend and wanting to go home when you can't.

    If there was a way of going without the coach I know I would want to give it a go. It's the thought of struggling when you are reliant on transport.

    How soon is it?

    If you do go I'd take both crutches (if you have two) take painkillers in advance etc. You could remain in your seat while your friend brings you a drink if you don't want to be in the middle of a pushing and shoving crowd in the interval....If you're at the back you can stand up if you need to.....

    Do let us know what you decide to do ((()))

    Toni x

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    It’s next Monday so more or less exactly 7 weeks Post surgery. That’s my worry I spoil it for them. I ironed a few pieces today standing for first time maybe 15 mins. Had my leg elevated and ice cuff on after it! So walking inside I know will be longer period of time. In the car I can tolerate about 20 mins before it becomes comfortable. At least in bus I can get up and was a walk to stretch it out. As in going another way it would be by train and tube etc there is no parking for cars or coaches at the venue. So that would be worse 🙈. Unfortunately my lovely NHS physio Jasmine is on holiday or I would have tried to contact her for advice. When I saw her last week she was going to allow me to walk to my little local shop which is about 5 mins walk and back. Total of 10mins. I’ve looked at what I can of venue and it good as in level area for food and drink and into venue. But it doesn’t show what they mean by bars and food outlets. I might need to email them. If it’s like some I’ve been to perform it’s let’s find a wall and lean against it as lacking in seats. As you say if at anytime the discomfort or pain gets bad I’m stuck there awaiting the coach home. 3pm to midnight and a bit more. Am I mad to even contemplate.

    Also is it better that I decide now not to go and then someone else could get the chance.

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    I don't think you're mad. It sounds a lovely idea but......

    As a veteran of two TKRs I'd be thinking:

    1. That's a very long time to NOT have your knee raised.

    2. Will the coach have a loo break? If it has its own loo, could you manage? I'm fine on planes as they're so small you can't really fall over in turbulence but I've never tried a coach one.

    3. How / where are the theatre seats? If you have an aisle seat you can stick your leg out of that should be fine (but do beware people falling over your leg - for your sake, not theirs😆) but some theatre spacing is horribly small. I once totally failed to enjoy The Nutcracker as both knees were jammed. tightly against the seat in front. (I am small and slight.)

    4. I'd have a few practices of sitting for so long with my knee down

    5. I'd ring the venue and check the spacing between rows of seats. I find these places are very kind and accommodating.

    6. If you decide to go, decide to enjoy it! A slight setback is fine. But do take some pain meds with you.

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  • Hi @Gran28

    It would be such a shame for you to have to miss out on the Abba event but understandably a lot to consider especially with your condition.

    Thank you @frogmorton and @stickywicket for all the brilliant ideas about the journey and during the performance.

    Regarding the seating, end seat would probably be the best for you so that you can stretch your leg out and as others have said ring the venue and check the seating arrangements first, pre-planning is probably for the best in this situation.

    Finally see how you feel on the day you may also be able to ring the venue and see if it can be exchanged for something else after the operations.

    Hope it all goes ok for you.

    Best wishes


    Helpline advisor

  • Gran28
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    Just a quick update. Managed to get to ABBA and so worth it. Bus trip was 3:10 to 6:25 ! But being in the middle at the very back which was good. However where they told me plenty of seating anyway please ignore that there isn’t. The seating was in the last block and row P at the top 🤪. On return trip at 30 mins left I was able to slip into seats in front of my friends and have leg up. And yes more swelling on knee and a bit down calf and ankle but not as much as thought. Made me feel human again being out and about If anyone gets the chance do go. It did feel odd clapping and shouting for encore when it wasn’t real people 😂

  • frogmorton
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    Brilliant I am so very very pleased for you @Gran28 👏

    You made a good memory and it paid off well done 😊

    Toni x