Was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left ankle last year. Also got diagnosed with generalised joint mobility which was a shock and hence why my ankle was so badly damaged after years of collapsing. Glad I finally know so I can help my other joints which are not great. Arthritis is rubbish it hurts😢


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    Hello @DennyMC and welcome to the online community,

    First of all, let me agree with you when you say that arthritis hurts! I’m sure our members will also agree, but I hope you find support, advice and encouragement from joining the community - everyone here is very friendly and keen to share their experiences of how to live their best life.

    I understand you were diagnosed with osteoarthritis in your left ankle last year. You say you’ve also been diagnosed with general joint mobility, but I wonder if you mean general joint hypermobility which can cause pain, fatigue and damage to joints?

    I’m attaching below a link to some information on hypermobility from the Versus Arthritis website. As well as treatments, It talks about managing your symptoms and it includes some ideas for gentle exercise which would also help the pain in your ankle.

    It also gives links to two organisations, the  Hypermobility Syndromes Association and Ehlers–Danlos Support UK which offer offer further information and support for people with hypermobility syndromes.

    Apologies if I’ve misunderstood your condition, but I hope this is helpful.

    Anna ( Moderator)

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