It’s Draining!

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Morning all,

Sorry it’s a moan post! I have PSA & Osteoarthritis. I’m feeling very drained with pain today, usually I can manage it, but not today! My lower back, SI joints & both knees have decided to party. On top of that I feel exhausted 😫. Oh well better continue working, although don’t feel like it today! Moan over, thank you for listening 😊


  • noddingtonpete
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    Hi @Robby4070 I hope your day picks up. Have a look at the following to see if it helps at all.

    Best wishes


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  • Toffeepop
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    They’re nothing worse than feeling in so much pain and not being able to do anything about it 😢. I find dragging myself to work is sometimes a distraction but when pain and fatigue hits, sometimes you just have to succumb to it and rest! Hope your feeling a bit better soon

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    Oh sorry you are feeling rubbish. Yes you are right to pace yourself. It took me a long while to realise I had to do that, having been very active before I developed RA. It’s even harder because people can’t see the pain.

    hope you have some better days very soon.

  • jamieA
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    Hi @Robby4070

    I also have PsA and now OA in my knees. Like you I find it drains my energy levels - probably caused in part by my sleep being more interrupted than previously. I'm lucky in that I'm retired so can pace my day - I don't know how I'd have coped if I was still holding down a job. Is it possible to have a discussion with your employers to make allowances for when you feel like this? As far as my sacroiliac joint - it's only my right that's affected - are concerned I use lidocaine patches when the pain is bad and I find they help. They are prescription only so I would speak to your GP/rheumatologist to see if they could prescribe them. I also wear over the counter elasticated supports on my knees.

    Hope things calm down soon for you.