Done too much exercise?


6 weeks post TKR and was doing really well leg can go flat and 110 degree retraction. Exercises were going well. However yesterday I had a return of pain and limping and lifting my leg to go upstairs. Could I have done too much? Do I rest but do my exercises to a lesser degree.Obviously I will carry on with icing and elevation. Also is it usual to get a slump in mood and feeling a bit tearful at points during the recovery time

Any advice gratefully received.



  • Airwave!
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    Boom and bust, more usual for arthers but applies to post treatment. It takes time to build back your strength. Gently does it!

    it’s a grin, honest!

  • MissA
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    Hi, it sounds like you’re doing really well but 6 weeks is still relatively early in your recovery.

    I had a TKR 7 months ago & am really pleased with the outcome but occasionally the knee can feels a bit tight & hot but it doesn’t hinder me like it used to. I’m assuming it may be a touch of rheumatoid arthritis but it may also be part of the healing process.

    It’s easy to get over enthusiastic with the exercises sometimes, especially when you feel so eager to see improvement. I would lay off the exercises for a day if you’re getting pain & then restart them but just bear in mind you are still healing.

    I wish you well & hope you’re pain free again soon.

  • Naomi33
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    Morning @Gran28

    Sounds like you were doing really well.

    I would say listen to your body and rest for a while.

    Little and often until you feel well enough to continue full exercises.

    Chin up onwards and upwards !!!

    Take care @Naomi33

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