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Hi just been to my doctors a couple of days ago because of knee pain was sent for X-ray and awaiting results but he’s think it’s osteoarthritis.also self referred for physio and awaited appointment.trying to adjust to my new normal stiffness in the morning followed by pain later on .is this it now ?


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    Hi @Anne140469

    Welcome to the online community.

    Pleased you have reached out for support early on in your diagnosis journey.

    Seeing a physio is great so you can get some advice of keeping the knee moving and managing the stiffness.

    While your waiting for some of our members I'll share some of information from our website which I hope will help you understand the condition and options available to you:-

    Keep us posted how you get on.

    Best wishes

    Louisa (moderator)

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    Hi @Anne140469

    Lovely to meet you.

    Things may well still have room to improve there's a lot you yourself can do.

    Exercises (physio should help with those or you can look at the ones on the Versus arthritis site) losing weight if you are overweight. I can't remember the figures but I know each lb of extra eight adds a huge amount to the pressure your joints are under. Especially knees I think.

    Coming in here picking up tips from others. Like using a microwavable wheatbag for pain for instance and lots more.

    With some changes life is still pretty good😊

    Take care

    Toni x