Managing OA Flares

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Hey so I am new here and wanted to reach out for some advice about something maybe some of you have experienced. I am 28 and have OA in both knees. It’s not bone on bone, but I have a high grade chondral lesion above my left knee cap and another in the same area on the right. 2 years ago I had my first flare after losing 100lbs, unfortunately without the help of a trainer to do it properly. My PT built me up to running eventually and about 8 months ago I flared again after trying the first time (this is when I got diagnosed). This recovery has been much more difficult and I seem to get punished more often when trying new things or upping my activity. At the very least I can do about 6k steps per day on top of 2 swims but I cannot do stairs without my knees heating up for several hours (haha). I am also extremely sensitive to warm temperatures. I am about 8 months post initial flare, and was wondering if anyone else went through periods with their OA where it flared up more frequently then others, then maybe calmed down over time? There is very little pain in the flares but my knees get hot and tight! They are happening several times per month and I think I may be pushing too hard. At the worst they can be very “sore”. I love reading the forums when I am down and learning about the condition, so I figured I’d post for once and see if anyone knows what I’m going through.


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    You certain it's OA?

    If it really is then you must be overdoing it surely.

    I know in your shoes I'd be wanting to see a specialist for advice. Hot swollen knees? Not good at all😕

    Take care


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    Hey @frogmorton!

    I think so, thats what my ortho says at least. There is a grade 3 chondral lesion of the medial patellar facet (hole in cartilage above my knee cap) so id say he is correct. Although because of the location of the defect my meniscus remains unaffected, so its possible I may not progress to bone on bone. However, I believe the defect rubs against the back of my knee cap, which can inflame the knee cap, leading to swelling and warmth.

    As for your sentiments on over doing it, I most assuredly am haha I have trouble with sitting still and restraint. This has been the hardest part about adjusting to my lifestyle modifications - When to take it easy and when not too. Usually I have no pain when I do most activities, it isnt until later in the evening that I know I have over done an activity,, which adds to the difficulty of moderating activity. I do communicate about everything with my physio and orthopedist, was just wondering if anyone else has experienced my symptoms!

    Thanks for your advice!


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    Hello, I have arthritis behind my kneecaps and can activate a flare up if I get an accidental knock on the kneecap or if I kneel on it for too long. I get the same symptoms as you with a decreased range of motion in the affected knee!

    I try to rest and elevate the leg on some cushions and put a pack of frozen peas from the freezer on my kneecap. I also take naproxen which is a strong anti inflammatory until it finally clears. Depending on the type of trauma you have given your knee it should clear in one to three days!