Hello I’m new & struggling working with meds & pain

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I am new here. I have been diagnosed with OA in my thumb joint (op date 19/9). More recently OA in knee, shoulder and back also with back disc compression. I am really struggling to keep working as I am a med secretary. I have painkillers and Gabapentin but I am constantly exhausted. Can anyone offer me some advice please ? Thank you


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    Hello @LindaJJ

    Welcome to our online forum. We are a friendly group of people who try to help each other out with support and information.

    I understand you have OA in your thumb. knee, shoulder and back, with back disc compression, and you feel constantly exhausted.

    I think many of us would agree that working can be exhausting with OA, and it is tricky to juggle the necessity to keep moving with the need also to rest and let your body recover. Hopefully you will get some advice here on how to do that! There is a lot of information on our website and maybe the links below will give you ideas to explore further.

    Do keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes


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    Pain is exhausting isn't it?

    Is work supportive?

    Can they offer any working from home or is that impossible?

    I think you sound as though you need more rest.

    When I was working full time with Arthritis I did a few things to make life at hoem easier so I could rest there more.

    I did (still do) batch cooking and freezing so meals are quick and easy.

    I also got myself a cleaner so I didn't start working at home.

    Best of luck ((()))

    Toni x

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    Hiya Linda

    Is it possible to work part time. I have osteoarthritis in my lower spine and sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day and then driving to and from work made my back pain worse. I work Tue/Thur and Friday each week and this has really helped to reduce my pain

    I also started to exercise again- walking, ballet and cycling and this also reduced my pain.

    Perhaps ask to be referred to a pain management clinic? Is the gabapentin making you feel tired? I try not to take painkillers during the day. I needed to when I was working 5 days a week and not exercising, but now I only need them at night so I can sleep.

    I hope things improve for you soon


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    Thank you everyone. I have had an online group apt with chronic pain team and am now waiting for an appointment and therapy apt to help. Hopefully once I have these I will start to feel better. I am off work now as I’ve had my thumb base joint replacement so I am able to rest.

    Thank you all for your help.