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Hi I’ve just joined the online forum but was diagnosed in Jan 2020 but after 2 yrs plus on meds now in remission thankfully.


  • Ellen
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    Hi @Seb1968 Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community.

    I see from your post that you were diagnosed in Jan 2020 and have done very well being in remission now. I am presuming that you were diagnosed with one of the inflammatory forms of Arthritis.

    I imagine some people newly diagnosed would be very interested to hear your story and am very pleased to read that you are as you say, thankfully, in remission.

    I just did a search ( magnifying glass icon - top right hand side of the page to the left of the bell icon) and found these previous but recent threads on the subject:

    Now that you've said hello please do take a look around the forum ad join in wherever you feel comfortable Living with Arthritis tends to be the most popular category after Say Hello.

    Best wishes


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    Wow that's great news @Seb1968 Long may your remission last i am so pleased for you.

    May I ask, which brand of Arthritis do you have?

    Hope you find the forum as useful as I have over the years.

    Take care