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Hi, new to the online community.

I've been diagnosed with arthritis of the knee sometime ago. Unfortunately I can't take Nsaids due to another medication I take so manage on paracetamol. I'm now struggling at work after changing my job and hours and I would like to know how other people manage .


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    Hello @Sidders and welcome to the online community,

    I understand you have been diagnosed with arthritis of the knee and are struggling at work. You can’t take NSAIDS so are managing with paracetamol and you’d like to know how others manage.

    Arthritis can present challenges in the workplace, especially when you are unfamiliar with some of the routines and procedures. It’s important to remember that your workplace has a responsibility towards you and should be ready to discuss how you can best be supported, so it’s worth talking to your manager or HR department about your concerns. You might find the section on work useful to read before you speak to them:

    Pain can be the most challenging aspect of arthritis, but there are alternatives to paracetamol that you might be able to consider. Have a look at some of the suggestions below:

    All our members have experienced arthritis and many have learned how to live well and adapt to best manage their condition. I’m sure you will hear some supportive advice from them on the forum.

    Best wishes,

    Anna ( Moderator)

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    Thankyou, I'll be reading through the pointers you have sent with interest.

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    Hi @Sidders and a warm welcome.

    If NSAIDs aren't an option then naturally derived anti-inflammatories could be worth checking out - Turmeric (usually combined with pepper so the body can absorb it) and Bowellia, both in capsule or tablet form could help.

    Foodstuffs like dark green leafy veg, onions, garlic, those rich in Omega 3 and Olives also have known anti-inflammatory properties.

    On flare-up days instant relief can be found with ice cold compresses and use heat for stiffness, many folk alternate between the two.

    For pain relief, many sufferers find comfort in a TENS machine and gels to rub on such as max strength Voltorol, Tiger Balm, FlexiSeq gel, Capsaicin cream and Hemp gel. It's a case of suck it and see because there is no magic bullet, just finding out what works for you via experimentation.

    Key though is movement - the more you can move the better, even if it's getting up to make cups of tea.

    Hope some of these help