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Hi everyone I hope you are all having a good day, I just need 5 minutes to have a moan I've been so busy today, I got up feeling quite well this morning but I've been very silly and really over done it. This afternoon I looked after my grandson after school (he's 5) it was supposed to be only for an hour but something came up and I ended up looking after him for 2 hours which was lovely but after doing so much housework this morning I then played in the garden with him I am in so much pain now 😔 I'm so cross with myself! Thankyou all for listening to my moans xxx


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    Moan away! We all feel like it sometimes. I hope you can put your feet up now and take it easy for the next few days. Don't beat yourself up too much. I keep telling myself I'll learn from experience and know when to stop before I overdo it, but I haven't quite managed it yet! Hope you feel better soon.

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    Yep. We’ve all been there. It’s very hard to pace yourself sometimes. It’s definitely the afterward effects that catches you.

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    I’ve got 4 grandkids, age 2,3,4,and 5, and osteoarthritis of my lower spine. I have been doing some babysitting over the summer holidays and often end up doing too much. The eldest who is 5 run and threw herself into my arms to catch to give me a hug and a kiss for a great day on the beach. I just gritted my teeth at the pain in my back and knowing I would suffer later. However the lovely hug and affection were worth the pain.

    I try and be sensible when I take them out but it doesn’t always work out that way. It’s just how things are living with arthritis. Something to learn to accept.As long as you get some rest time and recovery time after. And sometimes I have to say no to having my grandkids, as I know I need to have some rest time. I don’t think my kids always understand how painful arthritis can be when you overdo things but I sometimes have to be firm and say no.

    Having a good moan definitely helps I think- so don’t feel bad

    Take care


  • Hi @Daphne

    Welcome to our Online community, thank you for taking to time to join us and hope that your experience with us will be helpful for you in the future.

    Please don't apologise for moan we all need to do that now and again, and yes, we all do it, think we feel fine and do too much and suffer after.

    You haven't mentioned which joint is affected you, but heat and ice can help with pain and swelling, heat can be in a form of a hot water bottle, wheat pack or having a warm shower. Ice can help with pain and swelling so that can be a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a damp tea-towel.  

    Best wishes

    Chris (Moderator)