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Hello everyone, I have been living with arthritis for the past 15 years. Two new hips later, I find myself really struggling with spinal arthritis in my lumbar spine and neck. Its now so bad that I find I can't stand for for than 15 minutes, or walk any distance.....I feel pretty low. Visited the GP yesterday to request an increase in my pain meds yet again, but that isn't possible, I think I've reached the 'ceiling' in what GP is happy to prescribe. I know I have to try and help myself too and I'm thinking of trying some complimentary therapies to see if they will help me. What have people found useful ? any help and advice would be very much appreciated. I live in North Shropshire in a fairly rural area. Was thinking of trying Acupuncture???


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    Hi @gillybilly,

    I started Acupuncture about 4 months ago and it's made a world of difference to my conditon. I have less flare-ups and when I do, they're less severe plus my background pain is down to a 1-2 so quite manageable. It's not helped with stiffness but it's definitely relieved the pain and "pings" I get from hamstrings and cruciate ligaments (I have OA in both knees awaiting a double total knee replacement).

    It does take a few sessions to have effect it seems, I had weekly treatments for 6 weeks before scaling back to fortnightly and now monthly. Not all Acupuncture is the same - my practitioner uses a blend of Chinese and Western styles and different types of needles so it's worth researching I think.

    Definitely worth giving a go IMHO.


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    Maybe the above course would be of benefit for you?

    I have started one and really helped @Naomi33

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    I have osteoarthritis arthritis in my hips and lower back and I find it very difficult to stand for too long, my son is a personal trainer and an England amateur boxing coach and he has developed a gentle work out programme for me which I do every morning and it has definitely helped to strengthen my back. I would definitely recommend trying exercise and maybe acupuncture to help manage the pain. Take care xxx