Hair Loss

I am taking methotrexate and I have started to loose my hair. I have contacted the support nurse and have review later this month. They have said they can increase my folic acid which should help. they have said in the mean time it will continue to shed rather than clump out.

From what I have read the methotrexate is stopping hair follicle working, so my question is will it all fall out and not re grow? so causing complete hair loss.


  • Susanjj
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    Hi Wendy,

    I experienced the same as you when I started on Methatrexate. My hair shed was a worry to me. I really thought Id need to wear a scarf and did research them through Marie Curie. However, it never came to that. I had my hair cut into a short Bob which gave it the appearance of being thicker. It had always been long. The good news is that as my system got used to the drug my hair loss became less and now I am back to having thick hair. Do take the folic acid every day except your Methatrexate day. That did help. Try not to worry.

  • Hi @wendy19

    Thank you for posting on our Online Community about taking Methotrexate and experiencing hair loss.

    Unfortunately, this can be one of the side effects, but it does say minor hair loss and thinning, when you see the support nurse at the end of the month do speak to her about your concerns he/she may review your medication if it continues.

    Thank you @Susanjj for the lovely reassuring message it is great when someone who has experienced the same thing can give reassurance to others.

    Best wishes


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