Knee replacement pain


Hi everyone.

I got my knee replacement done 3 weeks ago. I was in hospital for 6 days as I had a blood transfusion. My question is the pain in my leg is really bad, worse than before surgery. It's affecting my ankle tendonitis.Iv now got sciatica in the leg too. I do my exercises but I'm really struggling with the pain. GP has me on highest dose of meds. I also have fibromyalgia and ME. How does anyone else cope with pain? Should pain not have eased off by now?


  • Lindaa
    Lindaa Member Posts: 24

    Right knee done 5 months ago. 1st 6 weeks agony and I wished I hadnt had it done. Gradually improved but it is a painful experience for first few weeks. I got the sciatica and also a lot of lower back pain which physios gave exercises for. Keep on prescription painkillers - my gp was really good with that. Im only just coming off them. Use the ice packs. Do the physio. Hurts but its short term pain for long term gain. Saw my surgeon on monday this week and told him how bad it had been. He said most people say that. So you are not alone.