OA in knees and loosing my job

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Hiya all

I've just found this page and am hoping there's some help or advice that can be given. I lost my job (probation period ended) in May due to not being able to do all the duties of my role - I was a laboratory analyst (have been so for the majority of my working life - some 20years)

Since then I've been looking for work in a new career where I'm not on my feet or walking around as my OA has restricted my mobility. I'm finding it very difficult to find a job although I've applied for 200+ at present. I'm still interest in active roles, especially for the NHS (something I wanted to do when I was younger), but my knees will prevent me from doing these roles.

I keep wondering if using a wheelchair would be an option of my knees flared up again like they did when I was working at the lab. (I had an interview yesterday that was a very active role as a recruitment administrator which sounded like an amazing role, apart from being on my feet all the time)

Does it get better? Will I get a job that will be suitable for my knees? I don't qualify for PIP or other benefits and to be fair I WANT to work too - I'm going stir crazy at home. I want to be active again, but the knees are disagreeing with me. Surgeon has said I need new knees, but I do need to lose a lot of weight too (which I'm working on)

Is there any advice on how to find a role that would be suitable for me out there?

Sorry for the moan