Newly diagnosed with palindromic reumatism

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Hi just wanted to say hello. I find the versus arthritis website great. Interested to know if others have PA on this forum please.



  • Kerr
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    Hi there.

    Funnily enough i have just posted as a newbie and have been told that i have palindromic rheumatoid apart from the RA. I would love to know your symptoms so we can compare!

  • Anna
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    Sorry to interrupt your thread @movanna , but I just want to give a quick welcome to @Kerr who has just joined the community! It's great that you've jumped straight in to have a chat with another member - sharing your experiences and supporting each other is just what this community is about.

    You might both be interested in the information below - it's all about PA, symptoms, treatment and how you can help yourself.

    Anna (Moderator)

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  • Wenwoo
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    I was diagnosed with Palindromic Rheumatism last September, I’m mainly effected in my shoulder’s, elbow’s, wrist’s, knee’s, ankle’s also in my hip’s. I take 20mg methotrexate and 200mg hydroxychloroquine and 5mg Folic acid 6 days a week also take tramadol 100mg twice daily and I’ve had 2 methylprednisolone during this time. I’ve never experienced pain like this ever, I hope that both of you aren’t suffering too much and we can support each other as I haven’t been able to find too much out about the condition

    Wendy x

  • Kerr
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    Hi Wenwoo.

    Your problems sound so similar to mine though the pain moves from one joint to another in about 24hrs usually involving the tendon sheaths with swelling and redness and so very painful Always worse at night and dissipates the following day or so. This can go on for a few weeks before it goes away for a while. Mostly it occurs in my wrists hands shoulders....Ankles and feet.

    I managed to snap a tendon in my thumb during one of these episodes which is unrepairable.

    I too take MTX though not hydroxychloroquine any more. I am thinking of asking for a change of medication as my hair is thinning and i have many Rheumatoid nodules erupting. ( i also have RA)

    I must add that one of the doctors i saw in Rheumatology said that my symptoms sound palindromic but i was never officially labelled as having it. They seemed more interested in my RA at the time. ( dont get me started on my experiences in rheumatology clinic!)

    Roz x

  • Wenwoo
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    Hi Roz

    I still have the probably Palindromic Rheumatism on my case notes, I’m going to try and get a firm diagnosis next week when I go to Rheumatology they did give me a full diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis. I’m in the middle of a bad flare-up with increased inflammatory markers CRP so got recalled early. What you have sounds very much like mine.

    Wendy x

  • Naomi33
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    Morning ladies

    I was really poorly having flare ups in toes, ankles, knees, hands, wrists, elbows then neck.

    The pain was undescribable and so random as one day I could not walk, next could. Then hands useless pained areas usually lasted 3 days??? I made notes and took photos as I was told to do so by doctor this happened since November and was eventually referred to consultant in January !

    I was so angry I took all my evidence and refused to leave until I was sorted.

    The consultant checked me over thoroughly took weight, blood pressure, urine and bloods.

    She diagnosed with PA on that day gave me leaflet and a steroid injection.

    Plus prescription of hydroxychlorquine, ibuprofen for pain.

    I walked (hobbled) out feeling quite confident knowing I had a definite condition.

    Researched like you on this website and found information out.

    I started meds straight away, I had a few flare ups so immediately contacted RA department and was prescribed more steroids to control pain.

    I am nowhere near 100% but better for having a understanding of condition and some control.

    Hope this gives you some faith in your condition and the health care system.

    Take care


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