Ankle Replacement - Fusion v full replacement

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Hello there folks

I am currently waiting to undergo ankle surgery and I wondered if anyone could share their experience of having had either of the 2 options. I will have to decide with the guidance of the surgeon which one to go for in the next 3 months. One thing I want to be able to do again is hike up big hills and mountains. Thanks in advance.



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    Hi @markbrzezinka and welcome to the online community,

    You're waiting for ankle surgery and you'd like to hear from others about their experiences of the two different types - fusion or replacement. Learning as much as you can about both options will be really useful when you discuss the alternatives with your surgeon, so have a look at the link below which discusses ankle surgery:

    Depending on how well you recover, it is possible to continue hiking after foot surgery - may be some of our members can share their experiences with you. The forum on sport and exercise has got some interesting posts about some of the activities that our members take part in:

    Do let us know how you're getting on,

    Anna (Moderator)

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  • Morning Mark had my left ankle fused twice first in 18 sub talus and 2nd in 2020 as my firm im a gardener reduse the gang from 3 to just me within 6 month artheritis came bk even worse

    They had the clinical survey between fusion or ankle replacement i had the fusion...

    They open the front of ankle put 3 screws in, in plaster for 3 months air boot for 8 weeks then you have to learn to walk again...

    2nd opp talus fusion more screws same again i would say get a knee walker god dend i had the quarterzone jab it worked fo 7 weeks...

    I met a man who had an ankle replacement that didn't work ankle full of medical cement...

    If you are younger than 60 i would go for fusion i still ride my bike go fell walking get high boots like b1 scarper...

    First picture is first opp but i did have one of the best surgrons at RNOH..