Cervical fusion

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I saw a surgeon yesterday who wants to do a 50% cervical fusion, but obviously it being a big Op I have my concerns. The thing is I have no pain with it, so wonder whether its worth doing until I do. Or does not having any pain make a difference to the need of n op? Are there other reasons why I should? Anyone had a fusion? Please tell me of your experiences please.



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    Hi @hoppingmad don't know if you have seen this but I found it on NHS website

    Doesn't answer your question (hopefully someone on here will) but thought it might help. You might also want to have a look through some of the following from searching the Community.

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    Hi @hoppingmad

    I was scheduled to have an ACDF in September 2019 until my surgeon discovered my vertebral artery was in the wrong place meaning he would have made his incision straight through it if he hadn't gave found it

    I was subsequently referred to a lovely surgeon in Oxford who performed a C6/7 foraminitomy in march this year after all the covid delays.

    Not quite the same as your surgery but I can't thank my surgeon and his wonderful team enough. He has changed life after 17 years of pain and discomfort.

    I would say go for it. Have your life back. You might not be in as much pain today but who knows what tomorrow might bring.

    It's easier to fix one thing than need multiple surgeries and trying to decide which is the most important one to fix as the NHS won't let you be on two waiting lists at the same time. Or they didn't in 2019 and I'm waiting to find out if that's still the same today as I have two surgical referrals ongoing again.

    Love n hugs

    Trish xxxx