Any body else who's taking sulfasalazine experience excessive sweating, tiredness and headache and slight loss of appetite, been on them since 12th July



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    Hi @Tray have a look through the following, don't take them myself but found thsi info.

    If you look in the side-affects this looks likely, but if in doubt go back to your GP/Consultant.

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    Thanks, did mention it in clinic and she said it could be the meds or the condition or thyroid or and age thing, problem is I have a physical job and it gets to a point that I feel ill, sweating, feel sick, headache sometimes feel like I need to sit down and do nothing, don't know what to do really.

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    S’funny, I was just talking about the same thing. As for the sweating, my temperature goes up and down easily. Madam says I’ve been hot in bed for years(!), lying on top of the covers in the middle of winter. Rheumatologist says all my joints are inflamed so, taking a guess it’s the inflammation causing the raised temperature? I have only been on the Sulfersalazine for four weeks along with Prederniselone and Hydroxcloroquin so …… hope for the future?

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    It's quite embarrassing when you look like you've just had a shower, and everyone else is still looking pristine like they haven't raised a finger

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    Why are you taking the other meds as well as the salazine? If you don't mind me asking.

  • Oh my goodness yes! Been on sulphasalazine for about 3 months and I literally go purple in the face just walking up the road! I have to be honest, I was worried it was an age thing so relieved to hear it may be a side effect!

  • sulfasalazine and methotrexate triggered night sweats for me ! In fact it made my peri menopausal symptoms a whole lot worse !

    Being off meds for 6months is proof in the pudding because all symptoms have now subsided xxx