Hello, I'm a newbie sharing a little bit about me

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Hi, I've just joined versus arthritis. I'm a 32year old Girl with 2 children & was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2019 when I was 28. I'm currently sitting here in a sling after a elbow injection yesterday. I use biologics to help manage my pain but unfortunately they aren't helping a great deal at the minute. I'm feeling frightened of what the future may hold for me as a few of my fingers are misshapen and 1 even locked closed. Just a little fed up today, sorry for the long rant. Gentle hugs to all who need them ❤️


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    Hello @D_D and welcome to Versus Arthritis.

    We are a friendly group and here to help and listen to you.

    Sorry to hear your concerns and please feel free to rant and rave !!!

    The following link maybe useful about your condition.....

    Take care and keep posting


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    Hello. Welcome . I am sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it at the moment. Are you having a flair up?

    I was diagnosed about 18 months ago, and I can honestly say it was the worst pain ever.

    i had tried other meds before Methotrexate, with some horrible side effects. I’ve been on Mex now since may this year, I am hoping they are working, but I’m still on steroids, at the moment so that is helping. It is frightening not knowing what the future holds, and with a young family it must be hard. Have you been back in touch with your hospital? You need to let them know you are still experiencing a lot of pain. I’m not sure how the injections work, but I guess they are meant to be fast acting.

    i am in my 60’s, but was very active before all this Arthritis malarkey happened. Please try to take each day as it comes for now, try not to think too far ahead. Getting your pain manageable is your first port of call. Let us know how you get on. Just be reassured your not on your own, we are all here for you.