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Hi all. Just joined the group as searching for some advice and support and have already learned so much from just a few posts. I’m on the path to a full diagnosis as still not sure exactly what’s going on but x Ray shows ‘severe facet joint degeneration inferiorly of L3’. Still trying to learn all the lingo 🙈. Got a consultant appointment next Friday so I’ll see what his advice is. Feel like this has taken me by surprise a bit tbh. I’m 53 and up until fairly recently I was doing a fair amount of exercise. I got into triathlon in my late 40s and have always been a keen cyclist - albeit everything I did seemed to be tinged with some discomfort but I just ignored it. I hit menopause last year and then started to get increasing levels of pain in my low back and hips. Again I ignored it thinking it was menopause related. Then earlier this year, it just started to get worse and worse and from mid June I’ve had pretty much constant pain and fairly frequent muscle spasms in my thoracic area. GP has been great so far, although seems a bit lost about what meds to prescribe, as I’m very sensitive to anti-inflammatories and they flare up gastritis. So at the mo, I’m just surviving on paracetamol and ibuprofen several times a day with some Co-Codamol thrown in when needed for good measure. Although this week nothing seems to have helped the pain. Sad reading some peoples stories on here, but in a strange way, comforting knowing that you’re not alone. Look forward to getting to know you all, and hopefully in the future, offering some advice and support of my own.


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    Hi and welcome.

    I do hope the hospital get you sorted, and you are soon on the right treatment path. Good luck.