Mild oesteoarthritus pain

Struggling to get my head round the ‘mild’. Really!! I’m in so much pain in my left thumb joint & other places. It’s so dibilitating & now affects every aspect of my life. Also have fibromyalgia. People look at you & say you looking good, they have no idea the effort involved or why I don’t go out often. Sorry for moan in first post but just needed to express how I’m feeling


  • Naomi33
    Naomi33 Moderator Posts: 150

    Morning @Smith1

    Sorry to hear you are struggling and do feel free to moan that is what we are hear for !!

    I do get the "you are looking well" a lot I have learnt to grin and bear it now but yes "FRUSTRATING" but however would not wish what I am feeling on my worst enemy !

    I have started a Pain Management course which really helps..... maybe use to you..... nice group and lots of moaning toooo....

    Chin up

    Take care @Naomi33

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  • Smith1
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    I did this course in June & yes it helped, always harder when you finish the course. The pain in my hands is so bad but I’m told it’s still mild. I have physio exercises for back, knee & hands !!! I do them but not as regularly as I should…….my own fault. I’m hopeful going to do another course but at an actual gym. I hope you get help & relieve doing the course.