A long time living with arthritis.

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Hi, I first realised that I had arthritis in my thirties. It started in my fingers and eventually over the years progressed to my spine and pelvic area.

At the age of 81 I had a new hip last year and was told that the top of the femur had collapsed. In four months I had gone from being quite active to needing a wheelchair if there was a walk of more than about 40 metres.

My other hip is affected, but I feel no real problems with it. My ankles are my real problem, as well as the arthritis in the base of my spine. However I am back on my feet and coping well, although not as well as I did. I’m caring for my husband who has Parkinsons Disease and it is a struggle some days.

I am bothered about the fact that I never get referred for diagnosis or help. My hip was only dealt with because I sought a private diagnosis and after seeing how bad it was they said they could fit me in for an operation quickly because of a cancellation.

I know I get by and do as well/even better than some of my age, but I can’t help feeling that my age precludes me from getting attention, although just about every joint is now affected and I find it difficult not to stoop as I walk.

Has anyone else had this problem?


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    Hello @BezO welcome to the Versus Arthritis online community.

    Sorry you feel you are being discremated due to your age that is so sad.

    Well if I was your age I would be proud of what you have achieved and how you are coping is marvellous ❤

    Take care


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    I am so sorry to hear that you feel let down. Do you think because you are seen as coping with everything, the help isn’t forthcoming? You sound like you have a lot on your plate, and could do with maybe calling your Dr’s surgery, and explaining to them you are struggling. I didn’t like calling the hospital when I had a flair up, because I didn’t want to be a other.

    we know how difficult it is to get to speak to a doctor or even a receptionist these days, but you have as much right as anyone Age should not even come into it. Good luck.