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I have mild arthritis. The joints such as ankle ,knee ,hip shoulder ache at night making sleep difficult.

A far less serious problem than many face.------ I will welcome advice comment as appropriate and hopefully share advice as my knowledge of arthritis conditions increases.

But I also I want to make contact with members for on line companionship. Perhaps one day a cup of tea/coffee might be shared if members are relatively local


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    Hello @Rose10Lea and welcome to the community!

    This is definitely the place to find support, advice and companionship from other people living with arthritis. The best way to find such support is through engaging on the forum, if you feel comfortable doing so.

    In the meantime, here's some useful information on easing your sleep difficulties. I hope this helps!

    Best wishes, Yas (Mod)

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    hi there. 😊

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    Mike --Rose10Lea -I would like to add that I live in Bookham which is in the Guildford, Dorking, Leatherhead area of mid Surrey'

    If there are members in that area I would welcome any advice comment re helpful facilities in the area. This might include the best places to shop (eg good parking/good access) ---exercise and help available in the area this might include medical advice. Also contact and social opportunities available in the area these need not be specifically related to arthritis.

    I appreciate this is a very broad remit, but notice of any facilities/opportunities might prove helpful.


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    Are there any members in the Leatherhead, Dorking, Guildford area of mid Surrey who would like to talk about, conditions, facilities and opportunities in that area of all categories. For example this might include the best places to shop (good parking/good access) , formal and informal exercise opportunities, opportunities for social contact/socialising of all descriptions these need not be linked specifically to arthritis. ????

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    Sadly I am in the Midlands, but I have met several members from this community over the years @Rose10Lea

    Have you tried your local Versus Arthritis group?

    Toni x