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Hi, I've joined because my partner who is only 46 has lower back arthritis that is quite bad.

He normally hides how much pain he is in, but the last week he has been off work because he can barely move.

He also asked me to book some acupuncture for him (he hates needles so I know he is in agony)

He is currently been prescribed prolonged release dihydrocodeine, next step is morphine based drugs which he doesn't want.

Can anyone advise if acupuncture can help with the pain? It's quite expensive so I want to know if it will help.

Thanks, Martine


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    Hello @Teen28 and welcome to the community!

    Here you'll hopefully be able to find support and advice from other people living with arthritis. The best way to gain support is from engaging in conversations on the forum, if you feel comfortable doing so.

    In the meantime, here's some information on back pain which is hopefully useful for you and your partner.

    Best wishes, Yas (Mod)

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    Hi @Teen28 and welcome.

    I started on a course of Acupuncture about 4-5 months ago, I found I needed about 8 weekly sessions before I noticed a difference, then I scaled back to fortnightly and now monthly.

    I've severe OA in both knees which need to be replaced. I'd say the effect has been to reduce my background pain to a 1-2 and I get a lot less flare-ups than I used to and when I do the pain is significantly less than it used to be. Of all the things I do for pain relief, it's been for me a game-changer.

    Not all Acupuncture is equal, there are several types and my Acupuncturist is an ex-Nurse who blends several different forms together, there's even differences in the types of needles used.

    It's expensive but totally worth it, well it is for me as I'm able to lead a very active, almost pain-free life.

    I don't think your husband has anything to lose but it's not a quick fix.