Gloves for rheumy hands

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Hi, just hoping someone can help. This will be my first year going into winter with rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and feet and I love to be outdoors walking with my dog. Is there anyone who could recommend a warm pair of gloves as I am anticipating my hands with suffer more this winter than last. Thank you.


  • Loggiemod
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    I ride a motorbike and use thermal inner gloves as gloves in winter, but also would recommend wearing a pair of compression gloves under them. For the thermal gloves I use Cold Killer but there are others available. For compression gloves just search the internet, there are lots of suppliers. Hope this helps

  • jamieA
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    Hi @Ariana

    Like @Loggiemod I use compression gloves and then put a pair of thermal, waterproof gloves over them. Funnily enough my son has just given me a birthday present of a pair of windproof fingerless gloves that have a fold over mitt. I haven't tried them yet but think they may be good for walking the dog in winter. There's nothing worse than trying to answer your phone on a walk whilst wearing full gloves.

    The mitt part is held in place by two small magnets sown into the fabric.

  • Ariana
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    @Loggiemod Thanks so much, you’ve been a great help.