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Hi everyone. I’m now 9 weeks post TKR. Was going great down to a cane. Physio is now having me focus on the bend of my knee with pull back exercises using the resistance band and then one where I place my bad knee on the second step and push forward to stretch it out. Holding the banister if require. However I feel my knee is tighter and at times after exercises I actual limp badly. Been also doing more housework as in cleaning bathroom and shower changing beds ironing and making occasional breakfasts or lunches.

So my question dear experts who have been through this is

Is this usual should the more aggressive (as such) exercises cause this and I just continue. Also could I be standing too much with the housework I went out to local garden centre for lunch and just walked from car park to the cafe and a very small walk round the shop but had to come home

Frustrated !!



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    Sorry Fi not had a TKR

    I can only say that maybe you could step back a bit on your housework and standing even do just slightly less of the 'new' exercise. Keep up the others though of course.

    Basing this on my own surgeries and experience of overdoing things, but of course it isn't quite the same. Hopefully that helps a Bit.

    Maybe you need a new title to this thread too

    Post TKR pain am I overdoing it/ Post TKR pain advice something like that?

    Take care

    Toni x