Newbie wanting advice after hip replacement

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Hi, had right hip replacement over 3 months ago. Thought it would resolve pain in right knee which X-rays had showed was referred pain. Disappointed that it hasn’t made any difference, in fact seems worse.

I know I have arthritis in left hip too and now that knee is as bad. No amount of pain killers or anti inflammatory tablets seem to be working. Anyone else experienced this or is this my lot now and I just have to put up with it?

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  • frogmorton
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    Have you spoken to your GP/surgeon/physio about this?

    It makes sense that the knee pain is due to having done 'all the work' and had to walk oddly due to the hip pain (both sides) maybe there physio or something which can help those poor knees/ recover, in the case of the left , cope for now.

    I honestly wouldn't just put up with it I'd go back to my GP with someone with me for support and ask for help.

    Take care ((()))

    Toni x