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I have recently been diagnosed with a condition called Hypermobility spectrum disorder, which affects what I can do daily. I am also still under rheumatology for (potentially) arthritis as my family history also is rooted to this alignment. I will soon be trialled on a biological called Humeria. This has all happened so sudden and fast as I was anticipating University but now have to defer for my health, which has really tanked my mood. I wanted to know if anyone has any words of advice to help me break my negative thoughts of thinking this condition is going to always weigh me down to the point where it gets too much. Thanks.


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    I am perhaps not the best person to advise as being retired with retired activities. I can also not advise on your specific circumstances. But if you can find an "interest" group of people roughly your own age and perhaps in a similar situation this could be helpful. Also if realistic the group should have an interest in helping others.

    For example I take a couple of people along to a local dementia group. Apart from general socialising the group engages in simple games and activities of all descriptions, examples might be dominoes, large pieced jigsaws, one or two arcade type games, a form of hard floor curling, clay modelling, exercise groups etc etc. These are of course designed for those with dementia, but the helpers often the husbands or wifes of those with dementia enjoy them also.

    Most of the people in the above group are 70 plus. It is not a group for you. But if you can find a group that meets your needs with a useful as well as a social purpose it may well prove helpful. The dementia group helped me socially and mentally.

    Such a group will not provide all the answers. But it may well be a starting point that leads to other solutions that make things worthwhile.

    All the Best


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    Hi @EagerEarnie18

    Welcome to the online community.

    I see you have been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome and were about to start university. I understand you have deferred for one year while you get everything 'under control'. I very much hope Humira will be the medication for you which really helps.

    A couple of things which might help/be of interest to you. I am presuming you have been given information about hypermobility syndrome by Rheumatology? Just in case:

    this is Daisy's story:

    and finally you may wish to connect with other young people this way?

    Don't worry it's not just for young children it's for young people many of whom are adults.

    Please do keep posting. There understandably less people with arthritis who are young here, but the pain is the same whatever your age. Many of our members began their own arthritis 'journey' as children/young people. You will still get some useful tips and support here.

    My best wishes


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    Hi @EagerEarnie18

    Welcome to the online community from me too.

    Sorry you had to defer for this year. Probably wise get things stable and start your course next year.

    Fingers crossed the humira really helps.

    Take care

    Toni x