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Hi, I’m new to the forum, I’ve been on hydroxychloroquine for 4 months, I have palindromic syndrome. So far it’s helped with no flare ups, just wondering if anyone has experience of any side effects of this medication, I’ve been experiencing shaky hands and palpitations/ anxiety type feelings for around 3 months, however I realise it could be something else ( I’m seeing my clinicians on Thursday) I’ve also had a hysterectomy 3 months ago ( I was already 9 years post menopause so no sudden drop in hormones) . The rheumatoid pharmacists advised me to pause the hydroxychloroquine to see what happens, which I have until I see the doctor on Thursday- just wondering if this is a common/known. Side effect that anyone else has had before


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    Hi @Cherylmcj

    Welcome to the online community.

    I see you are taking hydroxychloroquine and have recently been experiencing shaky hands and palpitations. You're wondering if anyone else here has experienced anything similar. I can't say I have heard of this before, but have done a search for you of previous threads about this medication and side effects:

    Reading this information through here:

    .....the section entitled side effects I think you have absolutely done the right thing in taking the advice of the rheumatology pharmacist until you see your Dr on Thursday.

    It would be very interesting to hear the outcome of this appointment if you have time to post.

    Best wishes


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    I am so glad you are going to 'see someone' soon @Cherylmcj this could easily be something else entirely and the sooner they find out wat is going on for you the better in my opinion.

    Took Hydroxy for years and never experienced this at all.

    Sis in law did though on the menopause and my brother did when his thyroid was overactive.

    Best of luck for Thursday and please yes do tell us how you get on.

    Toni x

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    I have Palindromic Rheumatism as well but have been able to live with it just using antinflamitaries when needed

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    Morning @Hagafan

    Nice to hear from another PA sufferer......

    I was diagnosed with PA and was put on Hydroxy in January plus steroids and ibuprofen.

    I had all different side affects and did not know why🤷‍♂️ however after a few months I found out it was Ibuporfen and steroids affecting me.

    After seeing my consultant August she doubled my dose of Hydro and told me to stop Steroids and Ibuprofen??

    I have to say feel so much better now fingers crossed and only take paracetomol as and when required 🤞

    Hope this helps you but again discuss with your consultant as everyone different ❤


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