Inverse psoriasis with PsA


I've had psoriatic arthritis for 15 years, currently taking talz, methotrexate & sulphasalazine.

A couple of years ago I had a bad bout of inverse psoriasis around my private bits - took a while to clear but eventually did. About 2 months ago it came back, and isn't clearing. I've tried dacktacort, dovocet, timovate and protopic and it seemed to be getting better but is worsening again. It's really miserable - sore/uncomfortable when sitting, sore when laying down and with my aching joints I'm waking a lot in the night. I'm at my wit's end, shattered, sore and grumpy. My arthritis is pretty good just now so not an overall flare.

Anyone experienced this? Any suggestions? I'm back at the GP tomorrow but their message last time was "keep going". I did eventually see a dermatologist over the summer after waiting 18 months, but was clear then. I'm pretty much on everything he has to offer. Would really appreciate any suggestions!

Thx for reading x