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Hello, after experiencing pain in my back, wrists, elbows, neck for many years and taking prescribed nails, I was sent to have a scan which said I have 'wear and tear' in these areas and limited movement in my upper spine + wear and tear in feet and knees. I also have RSI in my elbows, wrists and fingers - not relatedto carpeltunnel, as i had tests for this. My condition is deteriorating and maybe at some point, hopefully in the distant future I may not be able to continue working in my civil service post. Could anyone advise what steps I would need to ask my gp to take to have a proper diagnosis please? My GO just keeps giving my pain killers. Many thanks.


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    Hi @Pool10,

    Was it your GP wgo organised the scan ( I presume MRI)? If so then it really ought to be a case of asking for a referral to an MSK dept in your area to discuss what if anything can be done for you moving forward. These woudl be the experts for interpreting your condition. After a consultation with them, if they deem it necessary to consider surgery on one or more of your affected joints, etc then they will in turn refer you to an Orthopaedic Surgeon. This process can take time, many months in fact so if it goes that far, the surgeon may well order an upto date MRI.

    This is what happened in my case.

    If for whatever reason your GP isn't playing ball, please come back because if you live in England there's another option open to you.

    Good luck


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    Hi @Pool10

    Welcome to our Online community, thank you for taking the time in joining us and hope that your experience with us will be helpful in the future.

    We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing pain in so many areas it must be really difficult for you.

    You have mentioned that you have had an MRI scan on certain areas, depending on if the GP thinks it is Osteoarthritis or an inflammatory condition will depend on what test would be carried out. For Osteoarthritis it would be a physical examination plus possibly an MRI scan. If it is an inflammatory condition such as Rheumatoid arthritis, then it is usually a blood test to check your inflammatory marker levels.

    Also speak to your GP about a referral to see a Physiotherapist which can help, it is important to get a confirmed diagnosis because not all forms of arthritis are treated the same.

    Hope you get on ok in the future.

    Best wishes

    Chris (Moderator)

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    Thanks so much for coming back to me. I had an ultrasound scan k think.- the hand held device that is moved over the skin. I was sent ti Orthopedic surgen before too who said he would do the test for carpal tunnel but if this was negative and the nerves 'are sick' there is nothing to be done. I have been sent to physio multiple times too and given lots of exercises which i still do but they dont help. I live in Scotland so wasnt sure if we have MSK clinics. Over the last 20 years i have been told i have wear and tear, tennis elbow, burtis, winged scapula, trapped nerve in my neck, tendonitis, limited movement in spine but this has all been based on medical professuonals having a quick look. I feel at a loss as to what to do next. Thanks very much for your support. Working on a keyboard day in and out is very difficult.

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    Hi @Pool10

    If you run a search on msk services Scotland you should find an NHS inform site for Scotland that will I've you links to getting msk services in your area

    It sounds to me that you're getting given a lot of mis infomation by people who should know better in the jobs that they do.

    Carpal tunnel is one example. It is treatable IF you are seen by and referred to the right people and to me, it appears that you're not.

    You need x-rays, MRI and CT scans plus nerve conduction tests for carpal tunnel - takes about an hour for the nerve conduction if done properly.

    Not sure if you can self refer to msk in Scotland but follow the links and see if far you getm

    Good luck!