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After over a year on the "urgent" list for the NHS I'm now seriously considering paying privately for my surgery. It is not cheap but the local hospital offer a payment plan etc. My question is for anyone who has also gone down the "private" route: Did you get support from anyone assessing your needs post surgery or is that only something from the NHS? I live alone as my children live very many miles away so I'm on my own afterwards. I'm already struggling with things like getting on and off the toilet and I've read from others that a raised seat is available plus other support like measuring how high the bed or chair are and advising on what to do about raising them if necessary. I live in a rural area limited neighbours to help so getting a little concerned about the practicalities of the op as well as what help there might be.


  • RogerBill
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    Hi @LK57 I had a total hip replacement done privately in 2021 at a cost of £16,250 which included a number of post op physio sessions at their gym. But there was no support of the type you mention other than a raised toilet seat and crutches were provided. However, I didn't ask for that sort of support so more might have been available. I'd suggest contacting one or two local private hospitals and your NHS physiotherapy service to discuss your situation and to explore the options. Also on this forum there are lots of helpful tips from those of us who've had the op. After research, careful planning and preparation the post op recovery wasn't as difficult as I'd feared. I was careful to follow all the guidelines on bending, etc.

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    I'm like you and am on my own, I'm due to have my THR on the 25th Oct. I have been over the past few months doing a bit of research and asking questions of groups like this as to what I will need for when I come home and have been buying them myself. I know it's all adding up but i'd rather have everything in place to be comfortable when I come home and you'd be surprised how resourceful you can be. Online shopping will become your best friend. It might seem daunting but what is the alternative and you'd be surprised what help you can pick up from asking. I do hope this helps