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I remember reading an article about a link between arthritis and asthma. I have well controlled asthma and now in my 60's have developed pain in both hips and lower back. There is a history of osteoarthritis in the family. I have not had a definitive diagnosis of arthritis yet but the pain is definitely musculoskeletal. I get a 'shock' in my left hip if I put a foot in a rut in a field say and struggle with inclines. 20% of my cartilage has gone in the right knee but I have no problem with that. When younger I would hike long distances with a 20lb pack. I take 256mg of Ibuprofen long acting morning and evening and following medication, can walk a mile or so before soreness stops me. My lower back is often worse in the morning but improves considerably with mobility and exercise.

I would like to relate my experience with other medication.

I have sometimes needed to boost my pain relief and have found that Paramol (paracetamol + dihydrocodeine), has little effect but Lemsip Flu Max capsules (paracetamol, caffeine, phenylephrine), has a marked effect on my pain to the extent that it becomes very mild. I also remember taking a Piriton (chlorpheniramine), before bed and woke up feeling great. I repeated that medication but did not replicate the effect to that extent again.

I also had a period of anxiety when the pain disappeared almost completely. I felt young again. Adrenaline effect?

My question is this: Could joint pain and inflammation be linked to histamine production and therefore respond to medications used to treat asthma, eczema, hay fever and other allergic responses?



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    Hello @MarkSim57 and welcome to the Community. We are friendly and supportive and I hope that will be your experience as well.

    I understand that you think you may have osteoarthritis and have tried different pain medications and also wondered if antihistamines can have an effect. There is no definite link as far as I can see but it may be the drowsiness caused by some that have helped. Do you have allergies? Could be that some of what you feel comes from Reactive Arthritis which can be triggered by this (I myself had reactive arthritis for about three months due to an allergic reaction to something - never found out what but thankfully with steroids and antihistamines it went) best to consult your GP.

    In the meantime have a look at the following links from our website which may be of some use.


    Please keep posting and let us know how you are getting on.

    With best wishes

    Peter (moderator)

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    Thanks Peter. I'll have a look at those links.


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    Hi @MarkSim57

    An interesting post, thank you.

    I have asthma, bronchiectstasis and osteoarthritis. My asthma was originally caused by allergic rhinitis throughout the year and am on a high level of antihistamines and inhaled steroids for my asthma and bronchiectstasis

    Having just googled this it appears there is a link between asthma caused by allergies and osteoarthritis.

    I've also read somewhere but can't find it now, that there's a link between continued the long term use if inhaled steroids used for asthma and osteoarthritis.

    It's no wonder I'm falling to bits with no chance if coming off the inhalers!

    Love n hugs

    Trish xx