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Seen doctor for 2nd Time with knee pain. First doctor said it was flare up. 2nd doctor sending me for x ray.will find out whether it is osteoporosis or rheumatic. Hope this will get sorted out.


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    Do you mean OsteoArthritis instead of Osteoporisis @Lucky71A ? In any event, it usually takes a blood test to determine whether Rheumatoid Arthritis is present or not. Odd that the first doctor stated a "flare-up", until you're formally diagnosed, how could they know? The second doctor is definitely on the right path and once you/they know what the results show, they'll be able to prescribe suitable meds to help manage the pain and inflammation.

    Depending on how severe your condition is and what it actually is, prescribed meds may not be enough and it may be necessary to look at topping up with supplements, a change of diet and alternative therapies. Lots of info on this site though. One thing is for sure - whatever Arthritis it is (assuming this is diagnosed), then it's good to see a physio for an assessment of exercises to help strengthen the weakened joint and protect the surrounding tissues and tendons from coming under strain. There are some great exercises on the website along with videos, you can do these at home. Any low-impact exercise such as walking, cycling, swimming etc is also recommended but you'll most likely need to get your pain management sorted first.

    Good luck!


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    Only just caught up with this site. Go for x ray end of October. So hopefully know more. Thank you for replying it feels sometimes know one wants to know. We have lost all our original doctors and the surgery was put in special measures to

    don’t really know these 2 new doctors who have taken over.

    think I would have found out more before.